DLL Injection Windows Vista 64bit

Posted: 14 August, 2009 in cyber culture, english, life
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Dll injection in Windows Vista/2008 64bit can be made possible by using the same technique used in DLL Injection Windows Vista. The only difference is the target platform we compile our executable. In order to inject a library inside the address space of a 64bit process you need to compile a 64bit version of your library (DLL). The source code along with a pre-compiled executable and library are provided.

The Injector used in this article must be executed from a command line. It takes one (1) or two (2) arguments. The first argument is the path-name of your library, which must be quoted if it contains white spaces between it, and the other one is the Process ID (or PID) of the target program. If no PID is entered then the program injects the DLL inside it’s own Address Space. ASLR does not affect the usability of the program. For more information follow the link to the DLL Injection Windows Vista article above.

Below is an example of a DLL injected into a process:

Download Source code and executable

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