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Posted: 18 August, 2009 in cyber culture, english, life
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Network Security Superheroes Battle Threats in “The Realm”


On the Digital Earth, a new breed of criminal has emerged for battle with network security, to ensure these viscous attackers don’t stand a chance, a select team of Cisco engineers were appointed to develop the ultimate digital crime fighting organization… Do you dare to enter “The Realm”?


“The Realm” is a completely virtual campaign that projects superhero qualities to not only the heroes in flashy costumes (or products) but also the engineers, the backbone of network security products, who convey a mastermind-like quality when designing the ammunition needed to battle such network threats as: Botnets, Malware, Spam and Intruders.

The campaign aims motivate and inspire a new generation of network professionals, as well as seasoned engineers, in a language and visual expression that is entertaining and they can relate to. Positivity and encouragement are crucial in this economy and “The Realm” reminds us that IT professionals can be the heroes of the future.

The Realm, Episode 1

The webisode series is tied to an ongoing Human Network campaign, which Cisco has been laying the ground work for years, to communicate that the network is what makes our digital lives and visual networking possible. The notion that Cisco is purely an enterprise company is hardly the case these days and while “The Realm” focuses on network security at the enterprise level, it is also an example of what Cisco is doing to defer this perception.

Long past are the days of metal marketing. Do you remember seeing a metal box on a poster paired with a short slogan? Metal marketing please meet “The Realm.” The first two webisodes are live at realm. A third episode will be released later this month and the finale will be released leading up to the RSA security conference in late April.

The mission of “The Realm” superheroes is to assure the safety and security of every citizen on the human network. Here are your heroes and the superpowers the own to protect you:

Defender Trace
1. Splits into multiple forms to monitor sectors simultaneously
2. Superhuman data analyzation
3. Protects the Realm perimeter and all traffic ways

Defender Wall
1. Energy wave force field
2. Super strength to enforce network access
3. Extrasensory authentication abilities

Defender Vixa
1. Manipulates sound waves to create physical forces
2. Subliminal encryption powers
3. Light-speed response to detected threats

Defender Jux
1. SensorBase Control
2. Headquarters shield protection
3. Genious analyzation of threat conspiracies

The Realm, Episode 2

The Realm, Episode 3

The Realm, Episode 4

Is there an area of technology you feel deserves superhero attention?

You can interact more with “The Realm” heroes on Facebook, where they each host their own page: Defender Trace, Defender Wall, Defender Vixa, Defender Jux

Click here to learn more about how Cisco provides visual networking for consumers and we invite you to join our conversation on Twitter and Facebook.


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