Internet Explorer 9 – Test Drive – Download Platform Preview

Posted: 4 May, 2010 in basic, cyber culture, life, new
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Interested in checking out the new Web platform capabilities of Internet Explorer 9?

Speed Demos

Take full advantage of your hardware with background compiled JavaScript

  • Flying Images
  • Text Size Animated
  • Text Justification Animated
  • Map Zooming
  • Pulsating Bubbles
  • Network Monitoring
  • HTML5 Demos

    Deliver rich interoperability with the next generation of Web standards

  • Border Radius
  • CSS3 Selectors
  • DOM Events
  • DOM Style
  • HTML5 T-Shirt Designer – XHTML!
  • Comparing Event Models
  • Graphics Demos

    Create next-generation experiences with GPU-powered HTML5 graphics

  • Falling Balls – XHTML!
  • SVG–oids – XHTML!
  • Business Charts – XHTML!
  • Organization Chart – XHTML!
  • Atlas zur Europawahl – XHTML!
  • Image Support
  • Color Profiles
  • View SunSpider Results View Acid3 Results View CSS3 .info Results Visit Windows Internet Explorer Testing Center

    Install the Preview

    1. Kyler IE Team says:

      Great post highlighting the latest IE9 features! For more of the latest IE news, check out our Twitter:

      We are also happy to take any IE related questions there!

      IE Outreach Team

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