A complete tool set to attack the inherent protocol weaknesses of IPV6 and ICMP6, and includes an easy to use packet factory library. Please note to get full access to all the available tools you need to develop IPV6 tools yourself or submit patches, tools and feedback to the thc-ipv6 project.

The Tools

* parasite6: icmp neighbor solitication/advertisement spoofer, puts you as man-in-the-middle, same as ARP mitm (and parasite)
* alive6: an effective alive scanng, which will detect all systems listening to this address
* dnsdict6: parallized dns ipv6 dictionary bruteforcer
* fake_router6: announce yourself as a router on the network, with the highest priority
* redir6: redirect traffic to you intelligently (man-in-the-middle) with a clever icmp6 redirect spoofer
* toobig6: mtu decreaser with the same intelligence as redir6
* detect-new-ip6: detect new ip6 devices which join the network, you can run a script to automatically scan these systems etc.
* dos-new-ip6: detect new ip6 devices and tell them that their chosen IP collides on the network (DOS).
* trace6: very fast traceroute6 with supports ICMP6 echo request and TCP-SYN
* flood_router6: flood a target with random router advertisements
* flood_advertise6: flood a target with random neighbor advertisements
* fuzz_ip6: fuzzer for ipv6
* implementation6: performs various implementation checks on ipv6
* implementation6d: listen daemon for implementation6 to check behind a FW
* fake_mld6: announce yourself in a multicast group of your choice on the net
* fake_mipv6: steal a mobile IP to yours if IPSEC is not needed for authentication
* fake_advertiser6: announce yourself on the network
* smurf6: local smurfer
* rsmurf6: remote smurfer, known to work only against linux at the moment
* sendpees6: a tool by willdamn@gmail.com, which generates a neighbor solicitation requests with a lot of CGAs (crypto stuff 😉 to keep the CPU busy. nice.


This code currently only runs on:

* Linux 2.6.x (because of /proc usage)
* 32 Bit
* Ethernet and Raw are supported (is there anything else necessary?)

more info & download


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