WeakNet Linux is designed primarily for penetration testing, forensic analysis and other security tasks. WeakNet Linux IV was built from Ubuntu 9.10 which is a Debian based distro. All references to Ubuntu have been removed as the author completely re-compiled the kernel, removed all Ubuntu specific software which would cause the ISO to bloat, and used a non-Ubuntu-traditional Window Manager, with no DM. To start X11 (Fluxbox) simply type “startx” at the command line as root.

The tools selected are those that the developer feels are used most often in pen-tests. A sample of those included are:

  • BRuWRT-FORSSE v2.0
  • Easy-SSHd
  • Web-Hacking-Portal v2.0
  • Perlwd
  • Netgh0st v3.0
  • YouTube-Thief!
  • Netgh0st v2.2
  • DomainScan
  • ADtrace
  • Admin-Tool
  • Tartarus v0.1

A full list of applications is here:

WeakNet Linux Applications List

You can also get the guide here:

Official WeakNet Linux WEAKERTHAN System Administration Guide [PDF]

Hardware Requirements

This distro boots to a command line by default, so they are quite minimal. For Fluxbox, the recommended specs are:

  • 256 MiB of system memory (RAM)
  • 2 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card and monitor capable of 800×600 resolution

more info & download


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