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Mallory is a transparent TCP and UDP proxy. It can be used to get at those hard to intercept network streams, assess those tricky mobile web applications, or maybe just pull a prank on your friend.

In more technical terms, Mallory is an extensible TCP/UDP man in the middle proxy that is designed to be run as a gateway.

The goal is to man in the middle traffic for testing purposes. The ideal setup for Mallory is to have a “LAN” or “Victim” network that Mallory acts as the gateway for. This can be configured within a virtal machine environment using host only network interfaces. The victim virtual machines then configures the Mallory machine as the gateway by manually setting its gateway. The gateway machine will have at least one WAN interface that grants Internet access. The victim network then uses the Mallory gateway to route traffic.

Folder Structure

* ca – certificate authority files including Mallory’s private key
* certs – MiTM certs that are created on the fly
* db – directory where mallory stores all database files
* mallory – empty directory
* src – where the code lives
* scripts – scripts used to configure mallory enviorment

You can download Mallory here: